Monday, July 9, 2012

ASP.Net Menu and Rendering Issue in IE8

If you have ever used ASP.Net built in menu with dynamic data binding, you might have encountered an odd rendering issue with IE8.Instead of displaying the sub menu items, it would be displaying empty white boxes. Strange, isnt it? J .I would become more odd when u realize this is not happening for static data binding.. You might have wondered How come it happens, IE8 being a Microsoft outcome.
How to Overcome?
Here is the root cause of the issue.IE8 returns Z-Index property as “auto” until unless we have explicitly  specified it as some other value.

1. Override Z-Index property

One of the possible workaround is to override the Z-Index property, so that the application would not return Z-Index as “auto” any more.

2. Render the Application in IE7 standards

You can also overcome the issue by applying IE7 Meta tag to the HTML. By applying IE7 Meta tag, which forces the application to render in IE7 standards. Cool ,Huhh? J

IE8 Rendering Issue fix

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